Artificial Grass Cleaner

Child and pet safe artificial grass cleaner that uses probiotics (friendly bacteria).

  • Cleans all types of dirt including ‘mess’ from pets
  • Long lasting, effective probiotic power – uses friendly bacteria to feed off the dirt
  • Removes odours quickly and easily
  • Freshly cut grass fragrance
  • Safe to use around children, pets and bees
  • Used by professional contractors

1 Litre RTU

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1.5 Litres Concentrate

Artificial Grass Cleaner will battle against a wide range of algae, fungus and bacteria, helping to prevent further growth.

Simply spray and leave.

The authentic freshly cut grass fragrance will leave your turf feeling clean and fresh

Useful hint

If a rogue weed appears in your artificial grass it’s best to act fast and use a weed killer that will not harm your synthetic turf. ecofective Weed + Moss Killer is fast acting and biodegradable with no lasting effects making it perfect for artificial grass.

Child, pet and bee safe

ecofective Artificial Grass Cleaner cleans synthetic turf and remove odours quickly and easily. Using a unique dual-action formula which is naturally derived from surfactants and advanced probiotics (friendly bacteria), the ready to use solution washes away grease, grime and dirt, even mess left by pets, and leaves millions of microorganisms to feed from any remaining dirt, providing a long-lasting effect. The cleaner also has powerful deodorising qualities and will leave your garden with a freshly cut grass fragrance. Derived from natural active ingredients, this product is safe to be used around children, pets and beneficial insects including bees.

Ideal applications

Ideal for use on artificial grass or sports astro turf.

How to use

If rain is expected do not apply – use on a dry day. Remove any large debris like leaves from the lawn, turn the trigger to the ‘ON position and apply the cleaner in a sweeping motion to cover evenly. Can also be applied as a spot treatment for recently soiled areas. Leave to dry for a few minutes, then children & pets can have access to the area.

More information

Always read the label and product information before use.