Houseplant Boost

Ready to use, organic-based houseplant feed, with the added bonus of DELTA+

  • Ready to use, pour and feed – no mixing required
  • DELTA+ bio-stimulants encourage nutrient uptake and enhance plant development
  • Feeds houseplants and indoor grown peppers, tomatoes, chillies & herbs
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Safe to use around children, pets and bees

Houseplant Boost promotes growth, colour and long lasting bloom.



Ideal for an array of houseplants, indoor grown capsicums (chillies, peppers) and herbs. Feeds are best applied during the growing season (March – September).

Simply water and apply one capful of feed.

Useful hint

The atmosphere within your house can be very dry, particularly when using central heating. Ensure your plants are always well watered – you can check this with your finger. The soil must be moist about 1 inch under the plants surface; if it’s dry watering is required, if it’s soggy the plant has been overwatered and you risk root rot. Always move the plant off the window sill, away from direct sunlight when applying the feed to avoid scorching.

Child, pet and bee safe

ecofective Houseplant Boost is a ready to use, natural based feed designed for houseplants. Apply regularly to encourage healthy growth and promote abundant flowers and leaves. Used by organic farmers the formula comes with the added bonus of DELTA+, which contains bio-stimulants to increase the nutrient uptake, enhancing the plants growth and development. No mixing is required, simply apply straight from the bottle. The natural based ingredients mean it is safe to use around children, pets and beneficial insects including bees.

Ideal applications

Suitable for a wide range of houseplants, indoor grown peppers, tomatoes, chillies and herbs.

How to use

Water plants and then apply one capful of feed to the base of the plants, avoiding the foliage. Apply every 7 days during the growing season.

More information

Always read the label and product information before use.