Houseplant Defender

All in one houseplant care – feeds and protects.

  • Fast acting ready to use spray which controls aphids, blackfly, red spider mites, and others
  • Pesticide free, uses physical mode of action to stop pests
  • Controls powdery mildew by washing away the spores
  • For edibles and ornamentals – provides the plants with nutrients for healthy growth
  • Safe to use around children, pets and bees

Protect your houseplants from bugs and target the infested area with Houseplant Defender.

Houseplant Defender also nourishes the plant to promote strong and healthy plants.

When using on edibles like tomato plants there is no harvest interval required. Just simply wash the fruit or vegetables before eating.

Useful hint

Always move the plant off the window sill, away from direct sunlight when applying Houseplant Defender to avoid scorching.

Child, pet and bee safe

ecofective Houseplant Defender is a ready to use pesticide free spray which gives excellent control of pest species including whitefly, aphid, red spider mite, mealybug, scale and psyllid. Ideal for edible and ornamental plants, the formula works by physical mode of action and contains a blend of surfactants which stop the pests from moving and being able to feed. Safe to be used around children and pets, ecofective Houseplant Defender also helps to control, with regular use, powdery mildew by physically washing the foliage to remove active mildew spores. Simply apply to the upper and lower leaf weekly to keep full control of bugs. The formula also provides foliar nourishment to encourage healthy vibrant houseplants and stimulate the development of more flowers. There is no harvest interval required, meaning the produce can be eaten within hours after application. Proven to be highly effective, the same formulation is currently used by many professional growers and landscapers across the UK and Europe.

Ideal applications

ecofective Houseplant Defender is perfect for indoor plants, but can also be used on ornamental and edible crops, including flowers, shrubs, fruit and vegetables. Due to the physical mode of action these pests will not become resistant to ecofective Houseplant Defender.

How to use

Apply early morning or late evening. Always do a test before full application to ensure the plant can withstand the application. Do not apply in full sun as this may risk scorching of the plant. Shake well before use, turn nozzle to the ‘ON’ position and apply thoroughly to upper and lower leaf surfaces. Re-apply every week to keep full control of the pests. When finished applying turn nozzle back to the ‘OFF’ position.

More information

Always read the label and product information before use.