Mouse Killer

Fast acting, non-anticoagulant bait for mouse control

  • Fast acting, effective formulation for mice only
  • Reliable bait control
  • Works by anaesthetising rodent, non-anticoagulant bait
  • Supplied with a lockable, refillable bait box
  • For indoor use only

8 x 10g sachets

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Mice can squeeze through the tiniest of spaces. The gap between the garage door and floor make a perfect entrance.

ecofective’s Mouse Killer works by anesthetising mice. Simply open the refillable bait box with the key provided and place the bait in the compartment.

Close the lid and leave in an area near the infestation.

Useful hint

Always secure the lid of the box to ensure no other animals can eat the bait. But rest assured if your pet does go near the bait the dosage is designed for mice only and will not harm larger animals.

Natural Solutions

ecofective Mouse Killer is a fast acting non-anticoagulant bait. Highly reliable the bait works by anaesthetising the rodent instantly. Once passed away, if a cat or wild animal digests the mouse the product will have no effect on them. Supplied with a lockable, refillable bait box. Includes 8 x 10g sachets with bait box & key. For use on mice only, not effective on rats.

Ideal applications

Place near mice infestations, for indoor use only.

How to use

Unlock refillable bait box using key secured on the side of the box. Place bait sachet in compartment and close box lid. Do not open the sachets. Bait should be laid for periods of at most 7- 10 days. Search for and remove dead rodents at frequent intervals during treatment, at least as often as when baits are checked and/or replenished. For further instructions including safety handling and disposal please see product label.

More information

Use biocide products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.