RHS Slug Killer

Effective ferrimax formula.

  • Effective slug control
  • High quality pelleted bait
  • Organic Farmers and Growers approved
  • Suitable for edible and non-edible crops

RHS Slug Killer protects plants and seedlings against slug damage in the home garden, outdoors and under glass. The pellets contain a naturally derived ingredient, ferric phosphate, and the formula is approved by Organic Farmers and Growers. The pellets are rain resistant and suitable for edible and non-edible crops including flowers, fruit and vegetables. When placed in moist areas the pellets soak up water and swell, becoming even more appealing for slugs to eat. Once the bate has been consumed the slugs cease feeding and move away from the area.

Ideal applications

For use on bare ground and around all edible and non-edible crops grown outdoors, in the greenhouse or under other permanent or temporary cover.

How to use

Sprinkle the pellets evenly on bare ground or around plants at approximately 5 grams per square metre. When applying this product near food crops, care should be taken to avoid pellets becoming trapped or resting in the leaves.

More information

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.