RootPlus 3in1

3in1 root enhancer, water retainer & fertiliser

  • Mycorrhizal fungi to encourage strong root systems
  • Mini fertiliser granules which provide more coverage
  • Starch based water retainer which naturally bio-degrades
  • Promotes healthy plants and abundant crops
  • Safe to use around children, pets, wildlife and bees

Before planting use scoop to scatter RootPlus 3in1.

Place plant then cover over with compost and water well. Here we are potting a Prince Charles Clematis. For best results lightly spread the roots.

Whilst your plant grows why not add a splash of colour by using bedding plants to brighten the area.

Useful hint

Thoroughly water the plant and transplant area the day before moving to ensure the plant stays hydrated. It’s best to transplant in the evening and continue to water after your plant has been moved.

Child, pet and bee safe

RootPlus 3in1 is a unique root enhancer, water retainer and fertiliser which contains mycorrhizal fungi in granular form, an advanced new water retention material made from corn starch and a fertilizer designed for early root development. This is more biodegradable than other conventional products, and captures and retains vital moisture for the plant, promoting healthy root growth. Healthy, growing roots are the key to successful plant development and performance. ecofective RootPlus 3in1 contains no harsh chemicals and is safe to be used around children, pets and beneficial insects including bees. Designed for use in a range of situations including the replanting of shrubs and young trees, planting out hanging baskets and containers and growing tomatoes, sweet peppers, aubergines, plus other greenhouse fruits and vegetables/herb pots. It can also be used when planting out new roses. Simply add the granules to the soil before planting.

Ideal applications

Ideal for potted plants, hanging baskets, transplanting trees & shrubs, laying out bulbs in garden areas.

How to use

Container plants: Make a planting hole and add 1 level scoop of RootPlus 3in1 spread evenly into the planting hole, place plant then cover over with compost and water well.
Trees and shrubs: Make a planting hole, add 3 scoops evenly, transfer tree or shrub to the prepared hole ensuring the roots are touching the application cover with compost and water well.
Seeds: Using scoop or a pinch, sprinkle along the seed drill evenly.
Bulbs, potatoes, sets and plug plants: Sprinkle a small amount under each individual plant, gently cover area planted and water well.

More information

Always read the label and product information before use.