Safe to Clean

A multi-purpose probiotic cleaner that’s completely safe to use around children and pets.

  • Long lasting, effective probiotic power – uses friendly bacteria to carry on feeding off the dirt after initial clean
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Used by professional contractors
  • Concentrated liquid – 300sq.m coverage
  • Safe to use around children, pets and bees

Dilute approx. 50ml’s (1 full cap) into every 1 litre of clean water. Gently apply using a soft brush, decking brush or spray.

Leave to dry and the NON-HAZARDOUS SUFACTANTS provide the initial cleaning effect whilst the FRIENDLY BACTERIA then gets to work eating away at the dirt.


Safe to Clean can clean virtually any indoor or outdoor surface including artificial turf, conservatories, wood and garden furniture.

Useful hint

Cleaning your patio, paths and garden furniture can have a big impact on your gardens appearance. It will instantly make it look tidier but it’s important to sweep down the area before using Safe to Clean. Make sure your surface is free from leaves or other garden debris before applying the cleaner. Safe to Clean won’t scorch your lawn – making it perfect for paths that run through your garden.

Child, pet and bee safe

ecofective Safe to Clean is a unique multi-purpose probiotic cleaner suitable for use on any outdoor surface, including artificial turf, wood, concrete, stone, glass and fabrics. Using an advanced formula of surfactants and friendly bacteria it provides long lasting cleaning effects without the use of acids or harsh chemical ingredients. The non-hazardous surfactants provide the initial cleaning effect whilst the friendly bacteria work by feeding off the dirt. As long as there is dirt for the bacteria to feed from they will multiply and keep feeding to provide long lasting cleaning effect. The formula is super concentrated, with up to 300sq.m coverage and is also safe to be used around children, pets and beneficial insects including bees. Easy to use, simply apply, gently scrub and let the bacteria do all the hard work. Proven to be highly effective, the same formulation is currently used extensively by many professional contractors and venues.

Ideal applications

For use on any outdoor surface, including artificial turf, wood, concrete, stone, glass, fences, conservatories, garden furniture and fabrics. Can also be used indoors.

How to use

General cleaning down of any outdoor surfaces or item: Apply by using a soft brush, cloth or sponge and leave for 1 minute before wiping down or simply leave to dry.
For larger surfaces: Sweep off area to be cleaned. Apply in a flooding motion across the whole area. To ensure even coverage apply a 2nd pass made at right angles to previous. Leave to dry and the product will continue to work against further dirt ingress.
Garden furniture/conservatories: Spray onto surface and either leave to dry, or after 1 minute wipe away.
For more heavily soiled areas: The application can be scrubbed in and left to dry and wiped away after 5 minutes.

More information

Always read the label and product information before use.