About us

Sipcam, a trusted name
ecofective® is owned and developed by the Sipcam Group, one of the world’s top agricultural suppliers and through collaborations with universities and specialist research facilities is pioneering bio-technology to produce market leading control products, nutrients and bio-stimulants – key innovations for the future as conventional chemical technology becomes less desirable and less available. With this in mind, Sipcam is continuing the exciting process of bringing the best professional and most natural technology available to you, the gardener, through the ecofective® brand.

Why choose ecofective®?
Here at ecofective® our mission is to bring to market products that not only provide effective solutions to common gardening problems, but do so without negatively impacting the environment. We aim to provide you with the tools you need to create a garden that you want, using the best and most environmentally sensitive feed, weed, clean and control products available in the UK. Whether you use your garden to grow your own produce, or as an area to relax in with your friends, family and pets or even as a safe haven to welcome the UK’s most beloved wildlife, ecofective gives gardeners very effective alternatives to conventional chemical garden care products.

Our latest introductions to the portfolio offer solutions that are naturally derived, child and pet safe and Made in Britain. Just look out for one of the following badges on ecofective® products for added peace of mind. Click here to find out more.

New RHS Licenced products
New to 2019, Sipcam is now also offerings a range of Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) garden care solutions. Licenced by the UK’s leading horticultural society, these products include a glyphosate free weedkiller, pesticide free bug killer and much more! Click here to find out more.