Stop slug damage without harming them

At ecofective®, we care about garden wildlife, and we strive to find greener solutions that are not harmful to the ecosystem. Slugs are often a subject that comes up at this time of the year as they become a real problem for plants and produce. Warmer weather, combined with damp conditions greatly increases Slugs activity. They are most active after dark, so from August (when the nights start to get shorter) Slugs are very active. Slugs lay eggs nearly all year round, but most prolifically in late summer and early autumn.

Slug on plant


Slugs are common pests that can cause problems in your garden. The usual issue is that they eat holes in plant leaves, stems and flowers. Slugs are around all year, so they are a constant threat to plant health.

Slugs can be helpful to the composting process as some slugs feed off decomposing organic matter, however, in the vegetable garden lettuce, celery and potato are often damaged. They make holes in established plants, weakening them and can kill young seedlings by completely consuming them. Long-keeled slugs live underground and find their way into potato tubers and bulbs, ultimately ruining the crop.

Many gardeners realise that it is impossible to get rid of slugs, as there are so many in just one garden. Therefore, control measures are the best remedy – and we have just the solutions.


Slug deterrents often mean that the plant is not harmed, and the slug is not harmed. One common misconception is that a Slug deterrent is poison, and this is often not the case. ecofective® Slug control products contain no pesticides which mean no harm is caused. This also means that any predators that consume a Slug are not being exposed to any harmful chemicals from eating it, which is a concern of many people when buying Slug control products. After all, we love our Hedgehogs, Birds and Frogs, which are all common garden predators.


ecofective® offer two different types of Slug Control:

ecofective® Slug Defence Barrier Granules stops Slugs in their tracks by using natural non-toxic granules which provide a physical barrier around edible and non-edible plants. These granules deter Slugs and Snails from reaching the protected plants throughout the growing season. Child, pet, and bee safe, this product is developed from naturally derived ingredients which do not turn spongy once wet; instead, they dry out quickly and remain just as effective, unlike clay repellents which degrade with rain and watering.

slug granules in pot

ecofective® Slug Defence Plant Spray is a pesticide-free child & pet safe ready to use spray that contains nutrients to enhance and promote plant growth. When sprayed onto plants it gives the plant an ability to withstand Slugs or Snails whilst ensuring they are all unharmed and that natural predators such as Hedgehogs, Amphibians and Birds are safe to feed in your garden.

Slug defence spray

Barrier Granules help deter the slugs from getting physically to your plants, whereas the Defence Spray makes the plant taste bad to the Slugs and puts them off the plant. Both are good options to help stop Slugs and Snails from harming your plants. The one you choose depends on your preference on what you would rather use as a solution in your garden.

If you have any further questions involving Slug control, please do not hesitate to get in touch – Contact us now.

We support #GenerationRestoration

This year #WorldEnvironmentDay focuses on the restoration of ecosystems, bringing them back to a position where they can thrive. Restoration is considered a large contributor to meeting key environmental goals in-order to recover the earth and keep species and humans alive. Here at ecofective® we are supporting restoration of ecosystems through our pesticide free garden care products that are better for garden wildlife and kinder to the environment.


There are many tough challenges facing us right now, whether its declining population of bees, air pollution or climate change. According to #WorldEnvironmentDay the big picture has a lot to do with ecosystem restoration. In fact, this contributes to the achievement of all the 17 sustainable development goals that need to be met by 2030. This includes elimination of world poverty and hunger.

A focus on the right areas can make all the difference. #WorldEnvironmentDay state that restoring 15% of converted lands in the right places, could contribute to preventing 60% of predicted species extinction. Furthermore, restoration and natural solutions can deliver one third of the mitigation needed by 2030 to restrict global warming below 2oC, while also helping societies and economies adapt to climate change.

There’s never been a better time to start making changes no matter what size. Small changes can make a difference to the big picture.


Restoration is needed across the world in all settings from cities to lakes and forests. The UK’s gardening habits can have a big impact as according to the HTA, 42% of British adults say they tend to do gardening in their spare time. In growing sales of ecofective®, we continue to reduce the usage of harmful products and the effects these products have on our planet.

ecofective safer for the family good for garden wildlife kinder to the planet


ecofective’s® aim is to provide effective solutions to common gardening problems but to do so without negatively impacting the environment. Our products are pesticide free and include bee friendly plant sprays, natural outdoor cleaners and organic feeds, helping many species of wildlife survive and thrive in a garden that uses ecofective®.


We love that our products are better for garden wildlife, so we can support the ecosystem and the vital species that are so important to the earth. Bees help promote the availability of food via pollination. Many British crops rely on Bees pollinating to achieve successful harvests. Animals such as birds, need good harvests to make grains and seeds available. We help create cleaner outdoor spaces so that many wonderful species can flourish.


We are using recycled materials wherever possible and make sure as much of our packaging can be widely recycled. We are delighted to now offer refillable solutions to reduce single-use plastic. This means it is now possible to reduce waste and reuse ecofective® original bottles with our ecofective® 200ml refill concentrate option. This is a concentrated formula that can be used to create a new ready to use formula in your existing ecofective® bottle. This reduces the amount of plastic waste that often ends up in landfill, oceans and lakes.


We are proud to be a British manufacturer. By producing products in the UK, we reduce the carbon footprint drastically in our supply chain.  Therefore, we reduce the amount of fossil fuels that would normally be burnt if we sourced our products overseas.

If you want to do your bit in helping restore the earth, you can see more information on the #WorldEnvironmentDay website –

#weareecofective, helping care for the environment.

#GenerationRestoration, together we can restore the earth

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Helping Bees Flourish

One of ecofective’s foundations is providing effective garden care solutions that are not harmful to wildlife. Most importantly, we are proud to supply Bee friendly formulas so you can harness a safe environment for Bees whilst maintaining plants and produce.


Declining populations of Bees throughout the world has been a concerning development in recent years. The most vital benefit of Bees is they help promote the availability of food via pollination. Many British crops rely on Bees pollinating to achieve successful harvests. It is also vital to other animals such as birds, who need good harvests to make grains and seeds available.

Being the best natural pollinators around, Bees are great for your garden, helping plants and flowers to bloom. But the plants in your garden also benefit the bees, giving them nectar to boost their energy levels. Vitally, it is the pollen in plants that provides Bees with all key protein and fat for a balanced diet.


One contributor to the decline of Bees has been the use of pesticides on plants and crops. If garden care products with pesticides are sprayed onto plants this can be fatal for Bees in the garden. Greenpeace report that studies have shown that pesticides can affect bees’ navigational abilities and breeding success. This leads to a reduction in population of Bees.

Due to the harmful effect on Bees, ecofective strive to create Bee friendly formulas that are effective and pesticide free. This ensures a safe environment where bees will feel more welcome.


As well as being good for garden wildlife, ecofective® is child and pet safe. Therefore, all the family can benefit from the joy of more visiting Bees, who can boost plants and flowers and contribute to a more colourful garden. Here are some ecofective® Bee friendly formulas that will help your plants and produce thrive.

Keep bugs away with ecofective® Bug and Mildew Control. This a pesticide-free solution for use on flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs, and ornamentals, both outside and undercover. It controls a wide range of pest species including whitefly, aphid, red spider mite, mealybug, scale, and psyllid.

Make your roses bloom with ecofective® Rose Defender. This is a ready to use pesticide-free spray which protects roses from bugs and powdery mildew whilst also nourishing the plant too. Working by physical mode of action, this product contains a blend of surfactants that stop the pests from moving and being able to feed.

Trigger your plants natural immunity with ecofective® Plant Disease Defence. This is a pesticide-free child and pet safe spray that contains natural extracts specifically derived from fungi. When sprayed onto leaves it is known to elicit the plants’ natural immune response. Therefore, this builds the plant’s resistance to common garden diseases.


It is more vital than ever for us to create safer pesticide free environments, helping your garden and our beloved Bees to flourish. Join us to help Bees survive!

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NEW! Eco garden care products you have to try

We’ve been busy working on lots of exciting new developments for the ecofective® brand, including 6 new products that we are proud to bring to the market, all with unique qualities, all child and pet safe and kinder for the planet than conventional chemical products.


Defence for plants is one of the most important considerations when nurturing growth in your garden. Now with an innovative new product you can promote a natural immunity within a plant to protect itself. ecofective® Plant Disease Defence is a pesticide free child & pet safe ready to use spray that contains natural extracts specifically derived from fungi. When sprayed onto leaves it is known to elicit the plants natural immune response. This builds the plant’s resistance to common garden diseases. It is also has a refill concentrate 200ml option so you can save throwing away the original bottle and reuse it.

Slugs are a common pest that often make holes in plant leaves and can kill young seedlings. ecofective® Slug Defence Plant Spray is a pesticide free child & pet safe ready to use spray that contains nutrients to enhance and promote plant growth. When sprayed onto plants it gives the plant an ability to withstand slugs or snails whilst ensuring they are all unharmed and that natural predators such as hedgehogs, amphibians and birds are safe to feed in your garden. The Slug Defence Spray also has a refill concentrate bottle to help you save waste.


The cleaning boom is upon us, especially with the threat of the COVID 19 pandemic. It has never been more important to sanitise surfaces and keep loved ones protected from any bacteria.

ecofective® Anti-Bacterial Multi-Purpose Outdoor Sanitiser is a natural sanitiser, which helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.  It is none-hazardous and kills 99.999% of bacteria. It cleans and sanitises outdoor surfaces including furniture, door handles, children’s play equipment and BBQ’s. Its formula is child and pet safe, meaning it can be used in the garden without the worry of exposing harmful chemicals to loved ones.

Our recent market research showed that 88% see the garden as an extra room of the house. As a result of this ‘outdoor living’ trend it has become more important for the garden to look clean and tidy. ecofective® Natural Path, Patio & Decking Cleaner Concentrate is a natural anti-bacterial cleaner which cleans and disinfects outdoor hard surfaces including path, patio, decking and artificial grass areas. The product when diluted will clean away dirt, grime and algae, and will also sanitise areas, killing 99.999% of bacteria. As people look for simple cleaning solutions that take little effort to use in the garden, this is an ideal product for effective cleaning for your outdoor room!


The last 2 years has seen unseen rises in houseplant sales, with major health benefits linked to having indoor plants in the home with many trendy options that look great and supplement interior designs.

ecofective® Houseplant Pour & Feed is a ready to use organic pesticide free feed that requires no mixing. Produced from a blend of child and pet safe natural ingredients, sugars, amino proteins and phosphate, this feed helps houseplants grow stronger and healthier, giving great results sooner. A balanced feed, it is suitable for most potted plants grown indoors.

Common houseplant problems include the appearance of bugs that are often very harmful to the plant. ecofective® Houseplant Bug Control is a ready to use pesticide free spray for use on edible and ornamental indoor plants. This spray controls a wide range of pest species including Whitefly, Aphid, Red Spider Mites, Mealybug, Scale and Psyllid. Due to the physical mode of action these pests will not become resistant to the application. It also protects against powdery mildew by washing off the spores and foliar feeds on applying.

No matter where you grow your plants you can rest assured that ecofective have the solution for that is pesticide free and safer for all the family, good for garden wildlife if growing outside and kinder to the planet. If you have any questions regarding our new ecofective® products, please get in touch by filling in our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

Reduce waste with ecofective® refills

With the world facing a tough battle against reducing plastic waste, particularly with single used plastics, here at ecofective® we wanted to do our bit for the planet and come up with a solution to reduce the volume of plastic discarded after use.












During the summer (2020) we embarked on a voyage of discovery, conducting a virtual market research study into gardening habits with a willing group of gardeners who grow plants and produce in their gardens at home. It was from the results of this study it became apparent that now was the time to launch a waste reducing solution for using ecofective® products. We learned that over 85% of hobby gardeners looked to avoid using single use plastics and the same percentage were willing to use a refill packaging option to save waste if it was available.

These findings backed up development that had started earlier in 2020 within our product team for a 200ml refill bottle of concentrate that could be used to top-up the original ecofective® ready to use bottles once empty. This became the solution everyone needed, and we are now proud to launch ecofective® refills.


You can now reduce waste and reuse ecofective® original bottles with our ecofective® 200ml refill concentrate option, which is a concentrated formula that can be used to create a new ready to use formula in your existing ecofective® bottle. We have made these super easy to use, simply add the 200ml refill into the original bottle, top up with water and it’s ready to use again. This saves the need of throwing the larger bottle away. Instead, the 200ml recyclable bottle can be recycled, creating less impact to the recycling process and ultimately less waste for the planet.


All our best-selling spray bottles and feed options now have a refill option, which is due to save thousands of discarded ecofective® bottles each year. The refill options can be seen below, feel free to click on a product and have a browse.

By continuing to innovate and develop the ecofective® range we strive to deliver products that are safer for the family, good for garden wildlife such as butterflies, hedgehogs and bees and be kinder to the planet.


ecofective is greener than ever


We set on a journey to review our whole product range and identify how we could make a green brand, be more environmentally friendly.

Our product range is environmentally friendly and made in the UK, saving carbon footprint, so our packaging was the obvious area for improvement with some elements previously being made from plastic materials not widely accepted in the recycling process. With some development within our technical department, it was identified that all our plastic bottles could be made from recycled polypropylene. As well, we worked hard to source materials for our bottles and triggers so that they could also be recycled after use.

This means that for the 2021 ecofective range, we can proudly say that our bottles are made from 100% recycled material and the whole bottle, including the sprayer, can be recycled.


As we were also concerned about the increased usage of single-use plastics we wanted to go one step further by adding a new waste saving concept. From market research we conducted in July 2020, we identified that over 85% of gardeners looked to avoid using single use plastics and the same percentage are willing to use a refill packaging option to save waste.  This research backed up our own thoughts on introducing a concentrated refill bottle option into the ecofective range. This new addition to our range can be used to top up the original ecofective ready to use bottles which means instead of recycling larger bottles, only the 200ml bottles will be sent to the recycling bin. To find out more information on our brand new ecofective eco refill range, please click here.


To cap off these exciting developments we have also updated the look and feel of our packaging. We have developed a new vibrant, more consistent design detailing a clear ‘CHILD AND PET SAFE’ leading message. The base of the design includes a different colour per product type and throughout is a two-tone green combination, confirming that ecofective is now greener than ever!


In growing sales of ecofective®, we’re:

Reducing nasty chemicals – Our formulas are pesticide free, meaning we contribute to a cleaner planet.

Helping conservation – Our products are better for garden wildlife, so we support the eco system and the vital species of wildlife that are so important to the earth.

Reducing waste – We are using recycled materials wherever possible and make sure as much of our packaging is widely recycled. We also now offering refillable solutions to reduce single use plastic.

Reducing emissions – By producing products in the UK, we reduce the carbon footprint drastically in our supply chain.



Don’t they grow so fast

This weekend we’ve been busy planting. It’s been so much fun, (and let’s face it somewhat hectic), sowing seeds and planting flowers with the girls. We’ve learnt about what plants need to grow, how important different plants are in our ecosystem and most importantly we got our hands dirty in the process.


First of all, we planted some pea seeds. We thought this would be a great place to start as we could talk about how the vegetables that we eat come to be on our plate. Plus, what better time to be looking at growing our own ingredients from the garden. We decided to plant the pea seeds in a pot as we don’t have loads of ground space in our garden. We planted the seeds about 3cm under the compost and approx. 5-10cm apart to give the plants plenty of space to grow. We staked the pot with canes to support early growth and watered it well. We will keep the plants well-watered and fed throughout the growing season. This is particularly important for pot grown crops as they can’t get any water or nutrients from the ground. If the weather forecasts frost, we plan to move the pot inside our conservatory. The girls also added some Ecofective Slug Defence on the top of the compost – the slugs and snails won’t crawl over the gritty texture and eat our beloved crops.


For more instant results we got creative with some pansies and violas. We planted some in the ground and also made our very own hanging basket. With help the girls used a spade to dig holes in the soil and then lifted the plants from their pots and placed them in the holes. They then made sure they were well secure by patting the base of the plants, ensuring they were well covered in soil. They then watered the plants – this was their favourite part, in fact the whole garden was well watered on Sunday.

We also planted some wildflowers and sunflowers to encourage bees and butterflies into our garden. We scattered the wildflower seeds over trays of compost, then pushed the seeds into the soil and watered. These will be kept indoors until the weather warms up. To finish off we drew pictures of the insects we hope to see when our flowers start blooming.

We finally planted sunflower seeds in pots and will be watching these grow over the coming weeks. We don’t have a greenhouse so covered the pots with a cloche using plastic bottles. These activities took up lots of time this weekend and meant the girls had plenty of fresh air which was great.


Oh, and before I forget, the baby practiced her walking skills whilst the other 2 were busy gardening 🙂

The sweet smell of early risers

Hello my name is Lydia and I work here at ecofective. Like most people, I’ve been shocked and saddened by the recent COVID-19 news and as our country goes into lockdown and our amazing NHS work hard to fight this disease, I’ve been wondering how I can make the most of spending time with my family whilst we stay at home.

I have three very beautiful, very young and very strong willed little girls. Keeping them well entertained from dusk till dawn (and I really do mean dusk) is going to be key in our family, but Spring has come at a perfect time. We’re going to spend as much time as we can in the garden. I confess my husband is the gardener in this household but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it. I love pottering around, playing with the kids and making the most of the warmer days (usually with a gin in my hand). So whilst I enjoy spending more time with my tribe I’m going to try and document some of the activities we do in the hope it may help other families who are looking for simple ways to keep kids entertained in their gardens.

Today was all about perfume, a fun activity I remember doing with my own grandparents many years ago. I can’t promise your kids will come out smelling like Chanel No.5 but I can assure you they’ll be really proud of their creations. We went around and picked some pretty flowers in the garden. We chose our favourite coloured flowers, ones that had fun shapes and ones that made us smile. We also cut some lavender leaves for the smell but any hard storked herb would work.

Once our bowl was full I poured boiling hot water over the contents and left it in a safe place for an hour (leave longer for a stronger smell).

Then the kids decorated their own perfume bottles. There’s a strong rainbow theme going around at the moment to encourage us to ‘Stay at Home’ so we thought rainbow stickers would be fun. This is where the kids can get really creative and adventurous.

Then it was time to decant the scent. We used a sieve to catch the petals and poured the perfumed water into a jug. We then poured the perfume into our beautifully decorative bottles and taaadaaa our very own homemade perfume.

The kids were thrilled and have proudly put them on their bedside tables ready for mummy to wear in the morning. Plus with such early risers in this household the activity was completed before 9.30am, hmmmmm now what can we do…?

Controlling pesky bugs

After all the hard work earlier in the season, this is now beginning to get to the time where you can sit back and enjoy the delights of your garden. Unfortunately, it’s also the time when bugs and diseases like powdery mildew can detract from the splendour, so we have some tips on how to tackle these problems – without using harsh chemicals. One of our mantras is ‘healthy soil makes healthy plants’, so we are keen to create good soil, either in the beds or pots and containers. Try and ensure that soil in pots gets the chance to dry out between watering, as this reduces the risk of Scarid flies making their home in your pots. Hoeing is one of my favourite tasks, and this tilling of the soil helps reduce weed growth around plants, also bringing any pests which lurk under the topsoil to the surface, a ready meal for the garden’s birds.

As you’ll know from previous blogs, we try and make our garden as wildlife friendly as possible. Ladybirds, frogs, hedgehogs, ground beetles plus the birds are excellent predators all of which help to control bugs like caterpillars, aphids and slugs so we like to encourage them. Making homes for our wildlife is a great task to give any children bored during the summer holidays – we have a number of home-made bird boxes and bug hotels around the garden, perhaps not all as neat as they could be, but all made by willing young hands!

When our wildlife can’t take care of the problem, we turn to ecofective® Bug and Mildew Control, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor plants. Common bugs like whiteflies, aphids, red spider mites, and mealybugs can be dealt with in an environmentally responsible manner, as this product doesn’t rely on conventional pesticide chemicals. Rather, it has a more physical method, containing a blend of surfactants which stops the pests from moving and being able to feed. Not only does this make it safe to use near pets and children, it is also not a threat for bees and wildlife.

This formulation is used by many professional growers and landscapers across the UK and Europe, on a variety of plants including ornamentals, fruit, vegetables and herbs. Because there is no harvest interval, produce can be eaten within hours after application. We are out early in the morning, or later in the evening to avoid using the spray in direct sunlight as we would run the risk of scorching our plants.

All of which means that we get the opportunity to enjoy our garden ourselves, instead of sharing it with unwanted bugs!