Natural Lawn Feed

Concentrated liquid lawn feed, which covers 125 square metres.

  • Natural formula, ideal for family lawns
  • Quick and easy to apply with watering can or sprinkle bar
  • The nutrients are taken up quickly, creating a lush, green lawn in no time
  • Child, pet and bee safe

1.25 Litres

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Ideal for smaller urban gardens or larger gardens with small lawn areas.

Easy to use, add 2 capfuls of concentrate to 6L of water and apply using fine rose or sprinkle bar.

Promotes healthy, luscious grass and helps reduce disease and moss.

Useful hint

It’s important to prep your lawn before using lawn feeds. Treat weeds and moss in your lawn and if mowing before application, do this 4 days before applying ecofective Natural Lawn Feed. It’s best to use the feed in the early morning or evening and not use in direct sunlight to reduce the risk of scorching the grass.

Child, pet and bee safe
ecofective Natural Lawn Feed is derived from natural ingredients including molasses sugar and comes as a liquid formula. The concentrated feed is quick and easy to apply and is simply diluted in a watering can or sprayer, creating less mess and waste. The ingredients result in a quicker uptake of nutrients, creating a lush, green lawn in no time for families to enjoy. Child, pet and bee safe, ecofective Natural Lawn Feed is used extensively by professionals and offers 125sq.m of coverage from just 1.25 Litres.

Ideal applications

Suitable for small to medium sized lawns.

How to use

Using the integral measuring cap add 2 inner capfuls into 6 Litres of water. Using a fine rose or sprinkle bar, apply the feed over 8sq.m ensuing even coverage by using a sweeping motion.

More information

Always read the label and product information before use.