Natural and organic-based concentrated feed.

  • High-quality organic-based liquid feed
  • With added biostimulant to encourage nutrient uptake and enhance plant development
  • Feeds all plant types to promote healthy and abundant growth
  • Makes up to 50 watering cans
  • Safe to use around children, pets and bees

Encourages vibrant flowers…

…and healthy vegetables.

Mix 30ml into 4.5 litres of water into a watering can and apply to the base of the plants.


Bees are essential within nature and protecting them is becoming increasingly important. Wonder Feed is completely safe to use around bees, it will not harm them. You can select a number of flowers to encourage bees including tulips, sunflowers, French pansies, flowering fruit and vegetables like green beans and strawberries.


ecofective® Organic Wonder Feed is a high-quality natural based feed, with added bio-stimulant to increase nutrient uptake by the plant. A universal feed for both indoor and outdoor plants, this formula is perfect to use undercover to include pepper, chilli and herb plants. It makes up to 50 watering cans and promotes strong, healthy fruit and vegetables and encourages abundant, vibrant flowers. The natural-based ingredients mean it is safe to use around children, pets and beneficial insects including bees. Proven to be highly effective, the same formulation is currently used by many professional growers and landscapers across the UK and Europe.


For feeding a wide range of fruit, vegetables, flowers, shrubs both indoors and under glass, as well as pots, hanging baskets, indoor-grown capsicums (chillies, peppers) and herbs.


For best results mix 30ml into 4.5 litres of water into a watering can, then using a fine rose watering can, apply to the base of the plants. Apply every 7 days during the growing season for all fruits, flowers, vegetables, herbs, peppers. For higher yields of greenhouse/undercover crops and container displays, apply twice weekly. Feed plants very early in the morning, or late in the evening to avoid the sun scorching the plants. Avoid spraying directly onto blooms.


Always read the label and product information before use.