Effective prevention against slug and snail damage without hurting them.

  • Pesticide free, for all garden types
  • Contains nutrients to promote plant growth
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Bee friendly
  • Bottle made from 100% recycled materials and is fully recyclable
  • 200ml concentrated refill allows you to re-use your larger ecofective ready to use bottle, helping reduce plastic waste. Simply add the 200ml refill into the original ready to use bottle and top up with water

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Identify the plants you wish to treat.

Take your Slug Defence Plant Spray bottle. Twist the catch to “on”. Spray the plants on all areas. When finished, turn the nozzle back to ‘OFF’ position.

Ideal for use on edible and non-edible plants, for application at the first signs of slugs and snails in the garden.


Re-use your l litre plastic bottle by using a 200ml concentrated Slug Defence refill. Simply add the 200ml refill into the original bottle, top up with water and it’s ready to use again.


ecofective® Slug Defence Plant Spray is a pesticide-free child & pet safe ready to use spray that contains nutrients to enhance and promote plant growth. When sprayed onto plants it gives the plant an ability to withstand slugs or snails whilst ensuring they are all unharmed and that natural predators such as hedgehogs, amphibians and birds are safe to feed in your garden. Now available as a concentrated refill to help reduce waste. Simply pour the 200ml refill into your empty 1L spray bottle, add water and start controlling the pests in your garden again.


Repeat the application every 7-10 days while plants are at risk of damage from slugs and snails. It is safe to spray more frequently if needed, for example, if damage persists, after prolonged rainfall, or if foliar watering. It is safe to spray emerging growth on established plants. For plants that are susceptible to slug and snail damage, also spray under leaf e.g. Hosta.


Shake bottle, twist nozzle to the ‘ON’ position. Spray plants until the application is just starting to drip from the foliage, when finished, turn the nozzle back to ‘OFF’ position.


Always read the label and product information before use.