Spring is here? Not quite

Spring has sprung and with it comes the new Greener Gardening blog. I love gardening and sharing my ventures with fellow green fingers. But the recent wet and cold weather has made it tricky to get out planting. The ground has been left waterlogged and so cold that planting seeds or seedlings would have resulted in nothing at all growing. Listening to Radio 4 the other day (yes, this green gardener is of a certain age but young at heart) apparently gardeners’ have been despairing of ever getting out into the garden. BUT the weather has now changed…hooray! We’ve had glorious sunshine this week and it looks like the cold weather is well and truly behind us. If the weather remains dry this weekend I am going to seize the moment. I want to get on with clearing some areas of the garden of weeds. Time is precious, for all of us when the weekend comes, so I am going to spray with ecofective Weed + Moss Killer. This product has been formulated with the environment in mind. It uses acetic acid, a component of vinegar, as a natural and effective ingredient, making it less harsh than conventional chemical based products.

You can see from my photos that these weeds would be tricky to remove by hand/trowel so the handy 1L spray is perfect for the job. You can also see that it has been raining so I won’t be applying the spray until that dry weekend day.