Organic Superfood for Happy Plants and a Happy Planet

ecofective®’s award-winning Organic Superfood provides a multi-action 6 in 1 booster for plants and an organic feed solution that reduces carbon footprint. This easy-to-use pellet feed helps plants of all ages, keeping them healthy throughout the growing process.


Organic Superfood provides plants with the best conditions to grow healthy and happy. Plants require the basic nutrients of Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium (NPK), to enable great growth. Organic Superfood has an organic NPK and many other properties that strengthens the plant to help resist disease attack. This includes natural bio-stimulants, magnesium, and organic matter which provide everything the plant needs to thrive indoors and outdoors, or in pots or planting out in the garden. This includes supporting the plant during stress conditions such as heat, drought and over-watering, as well as providing a slow release of nutrients for long-lasting support.


ecofective® exists to enable gardeners to have a thriving safer garden for loved ones to enjoy, an outdoor space friendly to wildlife, and a product that is kinder to the planet that we love.

Organic Superfood is a product that upholds the ecofective® eco-philosophy by reducing carbon footprint. Manufactured in a sustainable process it reduces the brands carbon footprint and avoids harmful gas emissions such as methane and ammonium. Like ecofective’s other products in the range it is also safer for the family, good for garden wildlife and kinder to the planet.


Promoting bigger, healthier, and happier plants, fruit and veg, Organic Superfood is set to make many gardeners happy with up to 2 x crop yields and bigger brighter blooms! Part of the reason behind these results is due to the ability of Organic Superfood to provide improved root development of plants and also promote improved water retention.

Organic Superfood is another ecofective® product that is the right choice for the planet, with high rates of efficacy! It is really easy to use, there are instructions for different types of plants in the link below.

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