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This year #WorldEnvironmentDay focuses on the restoration of ecosystems, bringing them back to a position where they can thrive. Restoration is considered a large contributor to meeting key environmental goals in-order to recover the earth and keep species and humans alive. Here at ecofective® we are supporting restoration of ecosystems through our pesticide free garden care products that are better for garden wildlife and kinder to the environment.


There are many tough challenges facing us right now, whether its declining population of bees, air pollution or climate change. According to #WorldEnvironmentDay the big picture has a lot to do with ecosystem restoration. In fact, this contributes to the achievement of all the 17 sustainable development goals that need to be met by 2030. This includes elimination of world poverty and hunger.

A focus on the right areas can make all the difference. #WorldEnvironmentDay state that restoring 15% of converted lands in the right places, could contribute to preventing 60% of predicted species extinction. Furthermore, restoration and natural solutions can deliver one third of the mitigation needed by 2030 to restrict global warming below 2oC, while also helping societies and economies adapt to climate change.

There’s never been a better time to start making changes no matter what size. Small changes can make a difference to the big picture.


Restoration is needed across the world in all settings from cities to lakes and forests. The UK’s gardening habits can have a big impact as according to the HTA, 42% of British adults say they tend to do gardening in their spare time. In growing sales of ecofective®, we continue to reduce the usage of harmful products and the effects these products have on our planet.

ecofective safer for the family good for garden wildlife kinder to the planet


ecofective’s® aim is to provide effective solutions to common gardening problems but to do so without negatively impacting the environment. Our products are pesticide free and include bee friendly plant sprays, natural outdoor cleaners and organic feeds, helping many species of wildlife survive and thrive in a garden that uses ecofective®.


We love that our products are better for garden wildlife, so we can support the ecosystem and the vital species that are so important to the earth. Bees help promote the availability of food via pollination. Many British crops rely on Bees pollinating to achieve successful harvests. Animals such as birds, need good harvests to make grains and seeds available. We help create cleaner outdoor spaces so that many wonderful species can flourish.


We are using recycled materials wherever possible and make sure as much of our packaging can be widely recycled. We are delighted to now offer refillable solutions to reduce single-use plastic. This means it is now possible to reduce waste and reuse ecofective® original bottles with our ecofective® 200ml refill concentrate option. This is a concentrated formula that can be used to create a new ready to use formula in your existing ecofective® bottle. This reduces the amount of plastic waste that often ends up in landfill, oceans and lakes.


We are proud to be a British manufacturer. By producing products in the UK, we reduce the carbon footprint drastically in our supply chain.  Therefore, we reduce the amount of fossil fuels that would normally be burnt if we sourced our products overseas.

If you want to do your bit in helping restore the earth, you can see more information on the #WorldEnvironmentDay website – https://www.worldenvironmentday.global/

#weareecofective, helping care for the environment.

#GenerationRestoration, together we can restore the earth

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