Child and Pet Safe Gardening

Greener, safer gardening with ecofective®
Many people are concerned about the safety of children, pets and wildlife when using garden care products such as pesticides, plant food or cleaners. However, the ecofective® Child and Pet Safe range offers unrivalled peace of mind for these ethically conscious gardeners.

So what does Child and Pet Safe mean?
The ecofective® Child and Pet Safe range use naturally derived ingredients which leave no residual effect on the environment, making the treated area instantly safe for all the family, aquatic life, wildlife and bees to enjoy! With supervision children can also safely use the products.

Is the range classed as Hazardous?
No! Since 2009, the CLP Regulation requires chemicals to be classified for hazards and the packaging to be labelled accordingly. Hazard pictograms have to be firmly affixed to common household products such as garden care, washing-up liquid, laundry detergents, shampoos and even antibacterial gels and soaps, highlighting warnings such as “Can cause serious eye irritation, Keep out of reach of children, Harmful to aquatic life etc.” ecofective® Child and Pet Safe products do not hold any hazardous warning labels making them safer than some of the best known household brands and inherently safer for both user and the environment.

Why use ecofective® Child and Pet Safe products?
There is a common misconception that all pesticides and fertilisers in garden care products are harmful, however ecofective® Child and Pet Safe products use effective formulations based on ‘green chemistry’ that combine the best, most environmentally sensitive garden care solutions available in the UK. Many of the products are currently used by professional growers and landscapers across the UK. We’re also constantly being encouraged to get our children and grandchildren away from technology and into the great outdoors. Gardening or even playing in our gardens is a great way of luring them away from computer screens, phones and tablets, and with ecofective® Child and Pet Safe range there is no worry of them coming into contact with dangerous chemicals. Just look out for one of the following badges on ecofective® products for added peace of mind.

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