Top tips for beautiful summer lawns

As the warmer weather approaches now is a good time to start caring for your lawn to be ready for the summer months. Here are some of our top tips:

1. Grass will be weaker from the winter months so be sure to mow on the highest settings for the first few weeks. Keeping your grass longer at the start of the season will help with moss control and will help strengthen grass blades. Leave the top grass cuttings on the lawn to mulch as this will bring nutrients back into the soil. As the weather improves towards the end of the month, start by gradually mowing your lawn on a lower setting.

2. When the weather is milder and no frost or rain is due it’s a good idea to scarify the lawn – this not only removes dead grass and moss from the lawn but it also gives new grass access to sunlight and rain water.

3. Add some grass seed where required, and as the lawn repairs itself it’s time to start feeding it. Feeding the lawn will make the grass denser and help prevent weeds and moss from establishing, whilst also making your lawn look green and luscious. ecofective® Lawn Feed and Root Enhancer is a great choice if you’re looking for an effective feed that is also kind to the environment. The feed contains mycorrhizal fungi to encourage healthier and stronger root systems, as well as mini fertiliser granules which naturally phase release, giving long-lasting effects over 8-10 weeks. As we start to see more wildlife in the garden, we were looking for something that would not cause harm. ecofective® Lawn Feed and Root Enhancer is safe to use around children, pets, wildlife and bees for that added peace of mind. Click here to find out more.