Stop slug damage without harming them

At ecofective®, we care about garden wildlife, and we strive to find greener solutions that are not harmful to the ecosystem. Slugs are often a subject that comes up at this time of the year as they become a real problem for plants and produce. Warmer weather, combined with damp conditions greatly increases Slugs activity. They are most active after dark, so from August (when the nights start to get shorter) Slugs are very active. Slugs lay eggs nearly all year round, but most prolifically in late summer and early autumn.

Slug on plant


Slugs are common pests that can cause problems in your garden. The usual issue is that they eat holes in plant leaves, stems and flowers. Slugs are around all year, so they are a constant threat to plant health.

Slugs can be helpful to the composting process as some slugs feed off decomposing organic matter, however, in the vegetable garden lettuce, celery and potato are often damaged. They make holes in established plants, weakening them and can kill young seedlings by completely consuming them. Long-keeled slugs live underground and find their way into potato tubers and bulbs, ultimately ruining the crop.

Many gardeners realise that it is impossible to get rid of slugs, as there are so many in just one garden. Therefore, control measures are the best remedy – and we have just the solutions.


Slug deterrents often mean that the plant is not harmed, and the slug is not harmed. One common misconception is that a Slug deterrent is poison, and this is often not the case. ecofective® Slug control products contain no pesticides which mean no harm is caused. This also means that any predators that consume a Slug are not being exposed to any harmful chemicals from eating it, which is a concern of many people when buying Slug control products. After all, we love our Hedgehogs, Birds and Frogs, which are all common garden predators.


ecofective® offer two different types of Slug Control:

ecofective® Slug Defence Barrier Granules stops Slugs in their tracks by using natural non-toxic granules which provide a physical barrier around edible and non-edible plants. These granules deter Slugs and Snails from reaching the protected plants throughout the growing season. Child, pet, and bee safe, this product is developed from naturally derived ingredients which do not turn spongy once wet; instead, they dry out quickly and remain just as effective, unlike clay repellents which degrade with rain and watering.

slug granules in pot

ecofective® Slug Defence Plant Spray is a pesticide-free child & pet safe ready to use spray that contains nutrients to enhance and promote plant growth. When sprayed onto plants it gives the plant an ability to withstand Slugs or Snails whilst ensuring they are all unharmed and that natural predators such as Hedgehogs, Amphibians and Birds are safe to feed in your garden.

Slug defence spray

Barrier Granules help deter the slugs from getting physically to your plants, whereas the Defence Spray makes the plant taste bad to the Slugs and puts them off the plant. Both are good options to help stop Slugs and Snails from harming your plants. The one you choose depends on your preference on what you would rather use as a solution in your garden.

If you have any further questions involving Slug control, please do not hesitate to get in touch – Contact us now.